About // Photography

I am a Hertfordshire based photographer specialising in theatrical, stage and promotional photography, as well as portraiture, event and product photography.

I first became interested in photography as a teenager and started photographing theatrical productions in my early 20s. Over the years I became increasingly interested in product photography and portraiture, together with the lighting skills involved. I also developed my stage photography skills by combining them with my love of music.

My location close to the Essex border gives me easy access to both Hertfordshire and Essex as well as the surrounding counties of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. London is also within easy reach.

I established this website to showcase my photos of Hertfordshire and to supplement my main photography website.

About // Web Development

I wrote my first line of computer code at the age of 11 and have been involved in the industry for over a quarter of a century.

I've been designing and coding for the web since launching my first website in 1998.

I'm fascinated by the potential of the internet and the way it has revolutionised our lives.

I like working with small businesses, individuals and local community organisations to provide a web presence, as well as offering extranet and intranet solutions.

My skills include the LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), relational database design, HTML, CSS. I've also been known to dabble in Javascript.

Visit the website to find out more.

About // Hertfordshire

The county of Hertfordshire lies to the north of London and has an area of 634 square miles. It is home to around a million people.

The county varies in character, from traditional market towns and villages to modern new towns and suburban districts neighbouring the London Boroughs. In between are large areas of farmland, used for both crops and livestock. The landscape is generally shallow and undulating.

In the south-east of the county is The Lea Valley, whilst the west touches on The Chiltern Hills and features the county's highest point - Pavis Wood near Tring, at 801ft above sea level.

To the east of the county is Essex, to the west is Buckinghamshire, whilst to the north are Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

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